24 June 1919

Trentagh House
St. Johnstone

Dear Love

Am here for a few days on my final leave before embarking and Mrs. Hyndman is very kind indeed to me although, I’m afraid, she doesn’t altogether understand my ways. However she says she’s not going to take notice of anything nasty I say because she knows I don’t mean it. That makes it much easier for me. The difficulty all along has been that I don’t see anything nasty in lots of things that she does find nasty, so I never know where I am. On Friday we went to the Strathbane show where William had a few entries. He got two thirds for horse jumping against some crack jumpers so was quite pleased with himself. He is very fond of horses and at present is greatly troubled over a little thoroughbred foal that is sickly. It is on the mend now and he is getting quite cheerful again.

On Sat I went with Mrs. H. to Portrush , the North Ireland watering place. It is a bleak, bare looking place not a tree about but merely a collection of houses near the water. It looks most depressing as one approaches but improves with closer acquaintance. It is quite a fashionable resort in the season, which will commence with the 1st of July. The appearance of the waterfront reminds me slightly of Kiama and brought up sweet memories of four years ago. I suppose I may safely indulge in these memories now that we may be united again in a little over two months mayn’t I?

As I’ve had no mail for ages, Mrs. Hyndman has very kindly been reading out Mary’s letters. They are very interesting and Mary thinks a great deal of you and the you have received and treated her. The whole family are also included. Reading between the lines I fancy she did not hit it off too well with Viola and Rita. Perhaps their religious fervour was a bit overwhelming. However they will cool down and become sensible again before very long. Wait till Vi is married!

I called on Percy & Dorothy out at Bayswater where they have furnished rooms & spent half a day with them. Up till then the parents had not relented and had not acknowledged the letters both D & P sent them. Perhaps they've got over it by now.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I start within a fortnight of this letter so you’ll have me treading on its heels, so to speak. Haven’t cabled yet but will do so as soon as I get definite word. Have a letter from Mrs. M. enclosing your latest to her. You mention Vi as a sort of a nurse for the “Flu” so I presume Mum’s leg is quite well, even so, there’s a lot of housework to do that Mum shouldn’t be troubled with. I’d better wait and see for myself before I start “exploding” or I'll put my foot in it but I can’t help getting annoyed when I think of her leg being allowed to get bad again and I feel like having a big row with the first person who gets in my way.

Please excuse scrawl. I’m writing this on my knee and can’t hold the paper firm enough.

As the time is shortening over here and the day of my embarkation is approaching, I’m getting more and more impatient and the desire to have you nestling close to me becomes so strong that I can find sufficient patience to wait the two or three weeks before I get started. With all my faults and weaknesses & I have many Sweetheart. I love you and you only and it will be always be so. I love you so much that I cannot feel worthy to have and to hold your love. May God help me to make myself so & keep and guard you always. With all my love only and forever yours Viv.





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