Finding Elsie Maloney

Elsie Maloney and Bert Smythe grew up together in Jerilderie NSW.

At the time of his enlistment in 1914, they had an "understanding" although were not officially engaged. In his letters home, Bert always referred to Elsie as The One and Only - or TOO for short.

When Bert did not return from the war, Elsie never married or had children and stayed on in Jerilderie until 1947. She moved to Sydney and died in 1984.

My mother, Dorothy Bremner, told me that she had visited Elsie in a nursing home and gave me the impression that the Smythe family had maintained contact with the Maloney family. The story was that she had remained in Jerilderie to help her widowed brother raise his children.

I have pieced together Elsie's family the best I can but there are many holes. There were no photos or letters in the stack found in 2009. I would dearly love to find a photo of Elsie and hope to trace living relatives from her brothers in the hope that perhaps, in a shoebox somewhere, we can locate a picture.

If anyone can shed any light on this family, please email me no matter how small the detail.

James Maloney (1861–1936) married Sarah Warren (1867–1926) lived in Urana NSW and had five children: James Herbert, Joseph Richard, Frederick Gilbert, Elsie and Laurence (Lawrence).
They moved to Jerilderie about 1901.

* * *

James Herbert b. 1887 d. 15 Jun 1952

1909 married Edith Mary Deas in Hillston NSW.
Edith's father William Deas, owned the store at Eauabalong and James became the postmaster.

They had 6 children:
1910 Elsie Dorothy (Hillston)
1912 Muriel Hilary Millicent (Hillston)
1914 Stanley James (Hillston)
1915 Ronald Deas (Redfern)
approx 1924 Maxwell Allan (no birth record)
died 1924 Lance R (no birth record)

1917 the girls were enrolled in Jerilderie School. [Were the whole family living in Jerilderie?]
1924 Edith died in Newtown. [Childbirth?]
1928 James married Hilda Glass in Waverley.
1935 James, Hilda, Elsie and Muriel are listed on the Electoral Roll as living in Brighton-le-Sands.
1937 Maxwell is a Boy Scout in Jerilderie. [Why isn't he in Sydney with the rest of the family?]

1940 Elsie Dorothy marries Alfred John Binskin. They have three children: Ken died aged 22, Diane died aged 2 and another child named either Graham or Lee. She died in 2003.

1941 Muriel marries Thomas Joseph Ryan. They have a son in 1942. She died in 2007.

No trace of Stanley.

1942 Ron marries Rose May Motherstone. He died in 2004.

1986 Maxwell dies in Concord Nursing home.

Joseph Richard b. July 1888 – d. 4 March 1928

J.R. Maloney served in WWI in the 13th Aust. Light Horse regiment.
He returned to Australia in February 1919.
He was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1928 and the newspaper recorded him as being a "widower with two young children".
I can find no record of a marriage or the births of the children. [Were these the children that Elsie looked after?]

Frederick Gilbert Maloney

Frederick Gilbert b. 1890 – d. 17 Aug 1963

1913 marries Kathleen Teresa Morris. They have 9 children

1913 Stanley Gilbert (died at birth)
1914 Frederick Laurence
1915 Edna Kathleen
1917 Freda Frances
1919 Marie Agnes
1921 Colin Francis
1923 John Gilbert (Bill)
1925 Betty Patricia
~1927 Dorothy Rosalie died 1931 aged 4 or 5.

   Frederick Laurence Maloney and his wife Stella

1946 Fred marries Stella Edwards and they have four children: Ron, Geoffrey and two girls*.
1937 Edna marries Joseph Tall and they have three children*.
1938 Freda marries Roy Rapley and they have five children: Barry, Colin and three others*.
1942 Marie marries Dennis Dwyer and they have one son*.
1946 Colin marries Joyce and they have three girls*
Bill and Betty never married or had children.
[* possibly still living so I will not name them]

Elsie b. 1893 – d. June 1984

Elsie lived in Jerilderie until March 1947. She worked as a saleswoman in Alex Miller's Store (previously W and A Steele Drapery) and was always addressed formally as Miss Maloney. She played the organ in church, was a keen photographer and won many prizes at the Show.

The 1930 and 1935 Electoral Rolls list Elsie and Lawrence living with their widowed father James in Jerilderie.
James dies in 1936 and Elsie and Lawrence have different addresses in Jerilderie in the 1943 Electoral Roll.
March 1947 Elsie moves to Sydney. She has many different addresses and is listed as a Saleswoman.
In 1963, aged 70, her occupation is home duties and her address is in Burwood. She remains at the same address until she moves into a nursing home in 1980 aged 87. She died in 1984, was cremated and her ashes collected by Ron Maloney [assuming this is her nephew, James Herbert's son Ron].


Laurence b. 28 Jan 1893
It's likely Elsie and Laurence were twins as their birth registration numbers are 35774 and 35775.

Lawrence (changed spelling) tried several times to enlist in WWI but he was mostly deaf and was rejected twice before being accepted in July 1918. He never saw active service.

There is no further record of Lawrence after the 1943 Electoral Roll when he was in Jerilderie.

He died in 1971.






1936 Max is one of these lads in the Jerilderie Scout group


steele store jerilderieSteele Store Jerilderie


millers store jerilderieMiller's Store Jerilderie 1932


millers store jerilderieStaff from Miller's Store Jerilderie


millers store jerilderie    millers store jerilderie   millers store jerilderieStaff from Miller's Store Jerilderie


reunionJerilderie Reunion held in the Botanic Gardens Sydney about 1936
Please contact me if you can identify anyone in this photo
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