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Chapter 1
The First A.I.F.
Chapter 2
Citations & Awards
Chapter 3
Gallipoli Landing
Chapter 4
Life in the Trenches
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Bullecourt - Bert’s death
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Letters 2
Chapter 9.1
Stories from the Front
Chapter 9.2
More Stories from the Front
Chapter 9.3
War Weddings
Chapter 10
Extracts from C.E.W. Bean
Chapter 11
Extracts from H.R. Williams
Chapter 12
"Red & White Diamond"
Chapter 13
Capt. V.E. Smythe notes
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
W.W.I. photographs
Chapter 16
Royal Australian Navy
Chapter 17
2nd A.I.F
Chapter 18
Family who served our country
Chapter 19
Letters, cards, papers
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Conclusion - Post War
Chapter 22
The Next Generations



These pages were written by Margaret Johnston with help from her family and friends.


The records at the Australian War Memorial, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, National Archives of Australia and some individual historians and researchers have provided a vast amount of information that has been a great help in answering many of my enquiries. After accessing Official History of Australia in the War – 1914-1918 Volume 1X- The Royal Australian Navy by A.W. Jose on the history of our Navy, as well as F.M. McGuire’s book ‘The Royal Australian Navy’, documenting the movements of the ships on which my father served, this enabled me to write about his life at sea and provide a basic record of his movements around the world in W.W.I.

The completed document to this point has been checked, rechecked and is as accurate as I can possibly make it but it is in fact “a living document” allowing for the inclusion of additional information/photos or more verified data becoming available and/or corrections.

I would appreciate it if any readers consider I have made any errors, please contact me so that they can be amended. Also, if you have any additions or photographs for this history please email me. In view of my advancing years, I have included my son's contact or email the Webmaster.

Thank you. Mardi

These pages are being updated as further information becomes available.



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