Our site contains hundreds of historical documents, WWI letters, diary entries and other detailed information for researchers and historians.

The site is listed on the school curriculums for Australia, France, Belgium and Denmark as a primary source for students studying history.

There are currently ten sections with all advertising links specially chosen to suit the theme of each section of the site:

I: WWI letters | WWI diary | Lest We Forget | WAAAF
Military, battlefield, WWI, WWII, commemoration, ANZAC, Gallipoli, France, Belgium, WAAAF

II: Magdalen | Smythe history | Spotty Dotty
Australian history, Victoria, Tasmania, NSW, convict, free settlers, ship-building, timber-getting

III: Ian's Story | ACD | Far Cuillins
Scottish history, UK and Europe travel, Multiple Myeloma, Dying with Dignity

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